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Monday, February 24, 2014


PLANET ARES VI is the successor to my old 6mm science fiction wargaming blog FIREBASE ARES 6. It is also the successor to another of my old blogs, STARFIGHTER COMMAND. I have combined both 6mm ground and space combat into one blog.
 For many years I have struggled to make up my mind on a single scale to wargame in, being pulled this way and that, by the "Oooooh Shiney" syndrome of 15mm miniatures and the familiarity of the 28mm miniatures I gamed with in my younger years. I got into 6mm minis about 4 years ago and dabbled in them off and on, bouncing around to the other scales in between. Every time I get bored with the other scales, I always go back to 6mm, mainly because it is more satisfying for me to work with. So, I've finally come to my senses, and henceforth, I will only be wargaming with 6mm miniatures. As a friend of mine likes to say, "6mm FTW"

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