Sunday, May 5, 2019

Weeds, Rats and Other Vermin.

I recieved a package from Alternative Armies with a number of the monsters I'll need for Rangers of Shadowdeep.
This being one of those rare weekends where I actually had a decent amount of free time I decided to start painting them immediately.
So here's what I managed to paint over the weekend.

First up some man eating plants called Klorzids from the Grinning Skull line.
They are a bit on the whimsical side with quit a heavy "little shop of horrors" vibe but seeing as I'm looking to play RoSD with my 10 year old daughter I think that's actually a good thing.

The next is Alternative Armies own sand worm which I decided to paint purple in honor of the classic D&D creature.

and lastly an other classic dungeon crawl staple, a horde of giant rats

I've also made a list of the terrain pieces I still need to make so hopefully I'll be able to share some of that with you in the near future.

That being said...   there was more in that package from Alternative Armies....   but I ain't tellin' yet, you'll have to wait and see..😜


Thursday, May 2, 2019

Here Be Giants!

Well, I managed to paint 2 frost giants from Splintered Light Miniatures.
Shown here with some of my previously painted Demonworld elves for size reference.

And also some barbarian scouts who ran into a pict shaman raising some corpse worms.

The barbarians are also Demonworld, the big worm is Ral Partha, the larva are from Alternative Armies and the shaman from Crom's Anvil.

That's it for now, as for next time , we'll have to wait and see where the brush takes me...😎


Thursday, April 25, 2019

Just a Small Update

So despite being stoked to start playing Rangers of Shadow Deep and plans to do a D&D campaign using 15mm figures (I have about a 150 new  figs on the way and a bunch more in the lead pile) I found myself struggeling to pick up my brush and start paining again

I finally realised I just don't feel like painting a bunch of the same figures at a time, took me ages to get the spiders done, and so for the moment I've decided to just paint whatever figure most strikes my fancy instead of trying to do all the same of one type at once.

All this to say that,at least for now, the next few posts will likely just be random miniatures I've painted
Here are the first figures

A mind flayer, eagle, dwarf, minotaur and two elves. All from Ral Partha's Demonworld line save the eagle which came from my bits box.
The mind flayer's head and the minotaur's tail are greenstuff.

My home made spiders and stirge prototype next to another Demonworld knight for size reference

A close up of the stirge , I'll be looking to make about 10 of them.

Well that's it for now,

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Stroezie and FĂŠ do Rangers of Shadowdeep.

Now that I've finally got some free time again I've decided to start a game with my 10 year old daughter.

She regularly plays boardgames with us and enjoys things like Zombieside and Mice and Mystics so I think she should have no problem with a co-op miniatures game.

As she really likes the story element of these games I wanted something with a simple but sturdy camaign system

So, after shopping around a bit, I decided we'll give Rangers of Shadowdeep a try.
I have just recieved the print on demand copy of the rules and we'll be statting out our rangers and their companions over the next week.

I'll do my best to share some in game pictures with maybe a broad overview of what happened but don't expect to much because I still suck at AAR's.

Ok, that's enough chatter for now on with the pictures!!!

So first up our as yet unnamed rangers

Some possible companions and npc's (?)

And the first of my own sculpts for this project...

The painted spider was a proof of concept and now I can get on with the sculpting of the rest of the giant spiders we'll need for scenario 2.

And lastly a sneek peak at the setup for the first scenario.

Well that's it for now.

A Whole Year of Nothing and Now This ?!?

What can I say? 
First life got in the way and then lately I've been rpging and dabbling in the larger scales more and more again.
I still have plans for some 6mm projects in the future (still waiting for some kickstarters to arrive) but for the moment I'm mainly doing 15mm fantasy so I had to ask myself do I start a different blogg and let Planet Ares VI linger untill such time as I return to 6mm once more or do I just accept the fact that my interests have broadened again and have this blogg evolve with me.
Personally I'm not to fond of bloggs with low traffic and so I have decided to go with the latter figuring if people are at all interested in my hobby projects, they'll be interested regardless of the scale they are in and if some are not, you can always ignore the larger stuff.( I'll make sure to add a 6mm, 15mm and maybe even 28mm size tag to the labels for easy reference)
Cheers and welcome back everyone,