Monday, July 28, 2014

TEASER - Future releases from PFC C-in-C's Solar Empire Marines line

A little treat for our readers, care of Gerard Goyette, the sponsor of PFC C-in-C's Solar Empire Marines line -

These are a couple of teaser photos of the wave that is set to release after the next wave (due out shortly) of the SEM line. The first photo shows civilian irregulars in various poses and with various weaponry. The next photo shows, starting from the top, Solar Empire Marines in berets, followed by 5 mercenaries (2 apes with guns, 2 Drakas, and a menacing Bounty Hunter). Next are 2 types of a race called the RISO (Robotic Interfaced Sentient Organism). Finally, 2 animals; a wild Kanga and a pack Kanga (don't these guys have a cousin on Hoth?)

Great looking additions to the very popular line. We'll be eagerly awaiting these.
Thanks to Gerard Goyette for this sneak peek.

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  1. Very nice, I'm a big fan of their current SEM line, and more is always welcome! I particularly like the Kanga variants, they will come in handy for my cold planet project! The militia will also be useful.