Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cataphract Heavy Tank and Equitas AFV family

I finished painting these earlier this afternoon.

SEM-68 Cataphract Heavy Tank:

SEM-67 Equitas Scout:

SEM-67 Equitas AA:

SEM-67 Equitas AT:

Equitas and Cataphract:

Galba and Cataphract:

Equitas and Galba:

Ga-Tas-Ter Infantry and Cataphract:

Adamantium Dogs Infantry and Cataphract:

Ga-Tas-Ter Infantry and Equitas:

Adamantium Dogs Infantry and Equitas:


  1. Can you give your recipe for painting those?

    1. Sure, they were really quite easy. First prime with white primer, then base coat with Reaper MSP-HD Stained Olive. Once that dries, you apply a medium coat of Secret Weapon's Armor Wash. After the wash has dried, you then drybrush the Stained Olive over the mini, careful not to obscure the panel detail. Next, paint the main weapon's barrel Reaper MSP Blackened Steel. Finally, paint the protruding missile warheads Reaper MSP Misty Gray, as well as free-handing the the number "7".

  2. Any chance of getting non-blurry shots of the various CinC infantry, please?