Tuesday, October 7, 2014

interior modular scenery

Inspired by Spacejacker's awesome 15mm space station terrain link I decided to see if I couldn't downscale it to 6mm. His favourite material are corck tiles but they are a bit thick for 6mm. so I decided to build mine out of what is fast becoming my favourite material, printable magnetic rubberised paper. You can easily cut it with scissors or a hobby knife, it takes paint well, you can superglue it and it is super durable plus I have tons of the stuff as my wife always brings home the leftovers from work. Leftovers in this case being about 3x3 feet pieces :-))

I made 16 tiles that can be arranged in many different configurations.
Here's an example of a typical 3 by 3 build.

And a blow out of the pieces...

The tiles are all 75mm by 75mm and the walls are 15mm high. The walls are two layers of magnetic sheet glued back to back as are all the details on the floor making every surface magnetic, great for adding removable details later.

Another benefit of magnetic paper, if you base your minis on it too, you can do this...

Helps to keep the other minis in place when I reach in there with my fat fingers to move one of them

The tiles are actually magnetic on both sides so I'm thinking of making a small metal board/carrying tray to make setting them up on easier.

All in all these were so fun, fast and easy to build that I'm already thinking of maybe doing a SpaceHulk travel set or something like it.

Hope you enjoyed it, please leave a comment below.


  1. Nice work! I might have to do some 15mm stuff like this.

  2. Really cool, I can see this being very useful for all sorts of scenarios!

  3. Great stuff! Any idea were we can find this stuff if my wife can't bring any home?

    1. Most places that sell photo paper for printers have packets in A4 size and I believe I read somewhere somebody bought some at a poundland or maybe a dollar store.
      Hope that helps.

  4. Fantastic idea and it looks really good to boot.