Sunday, December 28, 2014

Cherry Blossom Heights (and less than savoury neighbours)

I've started to work on my 6mm city board again, thought I'd show you what I've got so far to keep myself motivated.( I've actually posted most of this on various forums but never all in one place)
It's meant mostly for solo, story driven skirmish games.

Everything is magnetised so I can easily pick it up and put it aside and maybe continue the game later. The buildings are from Brigade models and the shanties are from Angel Barracks exellent Junker buildings range.

The buildings on the left are from Ral Partha Europe the rest was scratch build.

The farm with watertower and the first field, the crops are magnetised and can be removed individually, they still need some finishing touches;

Some more shots of Cherry blossom heights.

I've since finished some more Angel Barracks Stone Haven buildings for the shanty town and some scratchbuild more industrial pieces but I havn't had time to take any pictures of them yet.

The next addition will be a more of an uptown, financial district.

You know the place where the big bucks are.

I made a quick test piece, tell me what you think, will it work with the rest of the city, anything you feel I would need to add.......

Its made of Mega Blocks (knockoff Duplo), spray painted with black electrical tape for the windows and a piece of sandpaper for the greenroof.

Just to show you what you can make for a little less than 8 euro's worth of Mega Blocks

Now I just have to cut off the round nubs on top, sand them down a little, glue and spray paint them and then I can start adding greeblies.... 

.....Why do I keep doing this to myself ??? ???

BTW. does anybody know where I can get some printable billboards or signage? I'd love to add some to my city but my graphic skills on a computer = 0 :oops:


  1. Looks fantastic. Very clever magnetized board.

  2. Very nice work. Great variety in that board, I may have to make something similar to this myself. What are the dimensions of the whole space?

    1. Thanks for the compliments. I'm trying to make a board that can serve for as many different missions/adventures as I can.
      For now the board consists of three binders side by side making up a playing area of 54x93 centimeters.
      Thats a little more than 21x36 Inches.

  3. Oh wow, I hadn't even noticed that they were binders. I am even more thoroughly impressed now.