Sunday, October 4, 2015

Space 1889 here I come !!!

While waiting for my order from Iregular miniatures to arrive I started building a few vehicles for my  new Space 1889 adventures.
Now that my order has arrived and I've got some minis to go along with them I thought I'd share them with you.

The english force,
Can't have Victorian scifi without some of Vicky's own now can we?

The pinacle of British engineering, this huge walker is armed with a 4.7 inch naval gun and can carry upto 4 extra troopers who can shoot from the safety of  their firing platforms.

Ze nefarious Germans

The Machienen krieger is a modified GZG Fat boy infantry walker
I removed the optics and gave him a pickelhaube...

rebuilt his machine gun into a gatling gun...

added a boiler and smoke stack...

and replaced his left hand with a drill. 

here's a pic of all the VSF figures I have painted so far, should be enough for a few test games as I start hunting for a set of VSF rules I like.

And, as a taste of more things to come, Lt. Rockbottom was kind enough to show us a vehicle captured from yet another colonial power.

Built in the new Minerva factory in Antwerp these wheeled tanks are armed with either a gatling gun or the French made Reffye 85 mm cannon.

So what else can you expect to see in the (hopefully near) future?

Well for the colonial powers I'm looking to start with English, German, Belgian, French and Italians.
Each faction will have a core of: an officer, between 6 to 9 troopers, an artillery piece (gun,gatling or machine gun) and 1 or 2 vehicles. After that they'll get whatever I think would be cool for that particular nation.

For the Martians I bought a bunch of Mahdist and some renaisance sword and buckler and matchlock men to serve as Hill and Canal Martians respectively.

For Venus I havn't bought any indigenous peoples yet, but I have my eye on Microworlds exelent fantasy lizard men and maybe Onslaught Miniatures Avians for parrotmen.

And of course terrain, lots and lots of terrain ideas...         ...but then, knowing me, you knew that already didn't you. 

I'm still looking for a good set of VSF rules so if you have any recomendations please fire away in the comments.

Well time to start up the old aether propeller and be of,


  1. Very nice indeed and welcome to the VSF madness!
    You might be interested in some of my own VSF offerings at my blog here:

  2. Thanks Paul,
    Love your blog, I look forward to many enjoyable hours perusing its posts and links.