Monday, May 30, 2016

Mega City 6(mm)

Ok so after one to many comments that the Ground zero Games 6mm NAC troopers looked a little like Mega City judges I could no longer resist.
I just had to do Judge Dredd in 6mm ;-))

This thread will chronicle my efforts to bring "The Law" to both Junkertown and the neighbouring comunity of Cherryblossom Heights.

Here's what I've got so far.

So we have from left to right Judge Cassandra Anderson, Judge Dredd and Judge Giant and in the back Dredd on his Lawmaster bike.

I've since found two more of the bikes in my bits box so Anderson and Giant should get their rides too, after that I have a few ideas for some more vehicles but then things will probably be on hold until Microworld releases their new Microwasteland line, we'll see…

Oh and for those of you new to the blog and unfamiliar with both Junkertown or Cherryblossom Heights here's a few pictures of our intrepid hero's beat

YOU THERE!!! Senior citzen! Jay walking! Five years cryo-cell! Effective immediately! Please await pickup.

Thats it for now, stay tuned for more…

Ps: If any of you have a recomendation for rules that handle street chases well please leave a comment.



  1. Looks great!
    Maybe try some chariot rules for your car chases or the Wargames Illustrated Mad Max rules.

  2. really cool idea, and they really do look like little judges :)

  3. Man, wish I could game on that table! Keep up the good work. :)