Monday, May 2, 2016

More martian buildings.

An other quick update.

As I'm in danger of getting to "to many projects at once overload" I've decided to finish all the stuff thats been cluttering my workspace first before tackeling anything new so there will likely be a few more of these short posts in the near future.

So after getting side tracked by my 6mm Space Hulk build and the start of a 6mm greek fantasy project I finally got round to finishing the next 5 buildings for my village, I also made some more grain silos and a well.

Next I'd like to build some market stalls and add some scatter terrain.( but I'll have to finish some other bits 'n bobs first ;-)



  1. That unified look is fantastic. You've got just enough variety to keep it organic looking, too. Love the well, in particular. Must have been a fiddly SOB to build.

  2. Nicely done, very natural.

  3. Really nice overall look. I especially like the orchard idea too! But I like the building concept. Well Done Sir!