Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Even More Space Hulk

Painted up some genestealer cultists

I also ordered the sisterhood command pack from Vanguard yesterday so I should have all my terminator/Heavy Battle Nun figures completed soon.

I ran into a little snag for the production of the tiles for the expantions.
Apparently I used up my last sheet of really fine needlework canvas to make the base set and the store where I bought it has gone belly up so I'll have to do some hunting around the internets for the correct size of granny grating.(any and all tips on this are welcome)



  1. Cute ;-).
    They look great, unusual colours with these green goods, but on a scale this small it suits them well.

  2. Thanks, I find that for me it usually comes down to the 6mm color mantra: light and bright, light and bright....