Tuesday, December 13, 2016

More Movement On The Martian Front

Well, I guess it's been a bit longer than 2 weeks but anyhoo...
Finally managed to take some crappy smartphone pictures of my 2 latest red martian units
A unit of rifelmen

and some float platform artillary

I popped 2 stands into the lightbox in an attempt to get you a better look

Here's a shot of the red martian host so far

And now I'll leave you with a small preview of the last unit of red martians which I'll be doing for now...
the thoat cavalry

I still need to sculpt on all of the features but you can at least see the basic concept.

Btw. anybody have a good idea what to do with a dozen or so 6mm decapitated horse heads?  😈


  1. They look great. What about adding tentacle legs to the horse heads? :)

  2. Nice work especially the floaters - very effective. You could also paint the horses heads a stone colour and use them as building decorations. Alternatively you could use them as "reminders" when collecting debts form your 6mm serfs.