Sunday, January 15, 2017

Some Wheels and Another Gang.

Only managed to get a little painting done over the weekend.

Decided to have a go at some of the cars, one of each model I've bought so far.

The first two are going to go with the Rainbow Mohawk Road Warriors gang.

Hmm.... in hindsight I'm going to have to put some mohawks on those two riders.

The third one belongs to the Walton gang.

From left to right, the twins Bubba, Ma Walton, Pa Walton, Billy-Bob the oldest son and the daughter Bobby-Jo.

I'm thinking of getting them an up armored tow-truck and basing them out of a junk yard/chop shop (Angel Barracks zippy couriers, supply dump, junkerheaps...)

Sorting through the rest of the figures I found two more candidates for the mohawk gang and five others which will become more or less normal wasteland travellers (truckers, bounty hunters, prospecters...) the rest will probably form a biker gang but we'll see that when I get to them.

The vehicle rules are 95% sure to be THW's Machinas with a few tweaks for open road/city traffic methinks.

For the investigations I'm still on the fence between THW Urban Renewal/NHC PI. and The Department Of Fabricant Management from Four Color Figures.

If any of you have any experience with any of these games your insights would be appreciated.

Till next time,



  1. Very nice work on these, thanks for sharing :)

  2. I have both and find that THWs rules are better for an unfolding investigation, especially as you are going for the Judge Dredd style.

    1. Thanks, that's exactly the kind of information I'm after. I realy want this one to have more of a story element and the THW seemed to offer a bit more of an RPG light experience.

  3. JD was something I was thinking of dabbling in at one point, and wrote out a few different rules/ideas - mostly additional scene types, generic plot hooks and found/bought some random generators for background details.

    Let me know if these are something you want, you can gmail me if you remove the spaces in my username. I hope that's clear without writing it out for the spammers!

    1. Thanks for the offer, I'll take you up on that.
      Email sent!