Saturday, October 14, 2017

On To The Painting !

I finished building my Nanomunda sump board!

I may have gone a bit overboard detailing the canals 😎

Here are a few more pictures so you can see the build before I blackbomb it.

And now it's time to start thinking about how I'm going to paint all of this.

I'd like to try and go for this look for the decking

Mine won't look nearly as good but hey "aim for perfection, settle for good enough" 😜

If you know of any good tutorials for this kind of thing, please feel free to share, cause at the moment I really don't have a clue how to even start.

I think I'll experiment on a few scrap pieces first and see what's realistic for my skill level.
Hopefully I'll have something more to share with you soon.



  1. Wonderful looking board! Hopefully your paintjob will achieve the look you're aiming for.

  2. Very nice work, these canals will be a great backdrop for some adventures!