Saturday, February 2, 2019

A Whole Year of Nothing and Now This ?!?

What can I say? 
First life got in the way and then lately I've been rpging and dabbling in the larger scales more and more again.
I still have plans for some 6mm projects in the future (still waiting for some kickstarters to arrive) but for the moment I'm mainly doing 15mm fantasy so I had to ask myself do I start a different blogg and let Planet Ares VI linger untill such time as I return to 6mm once more or do I just accept the fact that my interests have broadened again and have this blogg evolve with me.
Personally I'm not to fond of bloggs with low traffic and so I have decided to go with the latter figuring if people are at all interested in my hobby projects, they'll be interested regardless of the scale they are in and if some are not, you can always ignore the larger stuff.( I'll make sure to add a 6mm, 15mm and maybe even 28mm size tag to the labels for easy reference)
Cheers and welcome back everyone,


  1. Yeah. Throw it all in there. It’s your blog and most of us have pretty diverse interests.

  2. I agree with joe5mc, I don't mind seeing some more diversity.
    To be honest, I'm quite erratic when it comes to projects and scales myself.
    It's a hobby after all and you're supposed to have fun doing it, I see having a blog no more than an extension of this.