Saturday, July 26, 2014

6mm Sci-Fi: Why I love it too

Sixmil, why do I like sixmil so much?

My first encounter with 6mm was with Adeptus Titanicus and the little lead Space Marine that came with each Titan.
How cool was that little guy?
VERY cool that’s how much.

That was the hook that got me into it.
But then  I drifted away after many fine years of playing Space Marines, Epic et al.

After years away from the hobby, booze, women and all the normal stuff I came back into the hobby, encouraged by my wife (also a gamer)
I set up Angel Barracks as a 6mm historical site (the horror of it all eh?)
After a bit, the lure of sci-fi took hold, I started playing FUBAR as 6mm skirmish.
Then I started stocking Plasmablast, Brigade Models and Dark Realm Miniatures.

Being skirmish I found I needed more little objectives than say a big battle game.
Civilians, wandering alien animals, piles of crud and so on.

So I set about starting my own range of 6mm sci-fi.
It is aimed mainly at skirmish, using my own free rules; KR 16.
But I have no objection if anyone wants to buy armies worth of the figures along with cities worth of the buildings!

For me, 6mm can have the detail, does have the detail.
It always could but not everyone demanded it.
If you demand more, you get more.
Big traditional armies often meant that the figures got a basic paintjob as it was the massed look that people went for.
So why bother making great looking detailed figures if they will only be given a simple paintjob?

I am very much on a bit of a crusade to show people that 6mm models can have bags of detail, buttons on pockets, serrated edges on chainsaw bayonets (chayonets), facial hair, keypad locks on doors, hinges on window shutters, all the stuff you expect now with 15mm.

6mm skirmish is my thing, but I am an advocate of all 6mm sci-fi.
I hope to share my experience both as a gamer and as a maker of 6mm toys.

Size Matters!

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  1. Keep up the good work Michael. It was good to see you at Attack! ast weekend