Saturday, July 26, 2014

So who's this bozo then?

Well I guess it's my turn to introduce myself.
Lets see, My name is Stijn Van der Jonckheyd (AKA Stroezie on most forums) I've been collecting and painting miniatures since the early 90's mainly for use with various tabletop RPG's. I only really got into wargaming with the release of Warmachine in 2003, loved it when it was all about the big stompy robots, gave up on it when it became a deckbuilder with minis.Played some Confrontation till they went belly up, collected a bunch of Urban War armies and in the end started playing Heroscape with a buddy just to get all my figures on the table again.Then I went to Crisis2009 and played a demo of a 15mm scifi game called Critical Mass by CMG, I loved it. I got home, googled 15mm scifi and succumbed to my "Oh Shiny" syndrome. The next bit is still a bit blurry but after collecting and painting 6 or 7 armies, a whole bunch of loose figures and building a heap of terrain I discovered nobody in my area was interested in playing any 15mm scifi games.
So I went looking for ways/rules to play solo, then came across Angel Barracks and I thought " Wow this looks great! And it's...   ... 6mm? Ooohh shiny!" and there I went again.
So why is 6mm different you ask? Well with 6mm I realised I could have my cake and eat it too.
Why? Well lets see:

1) It's so cheap I no longer have to feel guilty about spending a lot of money on something that may or may not be used.

2) Big battalion sized battles can be played on a normal size kitchen table and I can even play a small skirmish game on my coffee table without having to get up.

3) I can collect and paint minis and make terrain to my hearts content without having to worry where I'm going to put all of it.

In 6mm I have finally found a scale that allows me to play the kind of epic campaigns you read about in books and see in the movies. From big sweeping tank charges and huge dropship assaults to small patrol or secial ops missions anything is possible.

All in all, to me, in going 6mil you may reduce the scale of the minis but you will up the scale of your fun!



  1. Does this mean no more 15mm fun from me to you anymore..... :-(


  2. I would't say that ,15mm is definately on a bit of a back burner for me right now but I still have a few projects in mind and a few armies to flesh out.
    On the other hand there are those poor 6mm ion age figures languishing over at maybe if you gave them the same treatement as your 15mm........ .... :-))