Friday, September 12, 2014

6MMR&P Challenge 1st week report

Well here we are, the end of my first week of the 6 Month Mountain Reduction & Painting Challenge. I must say It has been a rather productive week for me,I've managed to sort through most of my leadpile digging out all the 6mm scifi stuff so now I can start planning what I'm going to paint and when. I'm hoping this will alow me to stay a bit more focused than my usual meanderings from one project to another and maybe back so I can actually finish something for a change.
Now I hear you thinking "Well that's all fine and dandy but this here's a painting challenge innit?" and you are right!
So what have I been doing, well I've been pimpin' cars. That's right, I spent the whole week chopping up,rebuilding and painting all the cars, trucks and even some excavators I could find in an attempt to populate the nearly empty streets of Cherry Blossom Heights, my slowly growing city board.
Now along with the pictures I'll try to do a little review of the various models and share my thoughts on them with you, I have also included the used car salesman (Angel Barracks Civilians) in each picture to give you all a sense of scale.

Ok so first up are these

three different versions of the Hippo Heavy truck from Brigade Models SAC line.
These were very nice and clean castings, no cleanup required. They are basically all the same chassis with different bits on the back. Easy to assemble and easy to paint their only downside to me is that the driver's cabs are a bit on the small side.
I had also bought the Springbok Jeep to go along with these but decided not to use it as it was way to small imo. Sadly, a not to uncommon occurance with these type of figures, as you'll see later.

The next ones I tackled were a bunch of different codes from GZG

These are the HEMMT Heavy Wheeled Truck(flatbed) and the Recovery Truck(Heavy Wheeled) with crane

 They both cost the same, one gets you 2 trucks with crane, the other gets you 2 trucks without the crane...      that being said they are nice and beafy models with a lot of detail. One final note, the dozer blade and digging bucket on the orange one are from the Engineering and recovery vehicle accesorry parts pack.

Two tracked excavators

I bought these after seeing one in Angel Barracks Anvil Gate build, if you haven't seen it check it out here
Fun fact, they fit perfectly on the back of the flatbed heavy wheeled trucks.
There should be three in the pack but I havn't been able to locate the third one yet.

The next bunch of vehicles are actually from three different packs namely, All terrain rovers 2x4 wheeled( the 2on the right), 2x6 wheeled( the 2 on the left), Civillian vehicles and the Light wheeled scout/attack vehicle(2 in the middle)

So what happened? well all the vehicles in the last two packs were way to small imo. Here's some pics


I managed to bang two of the recon vehicles together with some of the civilian cars to get something a 6mm human might fit into and I'm still looking for ways to salvage something from the rest.

On to greener pastures now,
Some Bullfrog amphibious pickup trucks from Angel Barracks.

What can I say, these were a joy to paint and assemble and easy to convert to. I may even get some more of these (in 6 months time that is ;-))

The last two I did are some Khazari Raiders from Steel Crown Pruductions
I really like this model, nice detail, clean casts, no cleaning needed.
Normally the models come with the missile launcher, a big honkin' gun and some kind of shield generator.
I had ordered these through the parts shop and got a bunch of other turret options to go with them.
I magnetised all the different turret options and they pop right in without any further modifications. 

One last group shot to round off this show

Well that's it for now,
see you next week,
Stroezie signing off.


  1. Nice work on the fleet of vehicles. Having a bunch of civvie items on the table is always a bonus in my mind. I quite like the sculpt of the white ones....for some reason it sorta reminds me of batmans car (the Christian Bale batman).

    1. Thanks, the do look somewhat like the Tumbler dont they? Now I just need to find a 6mil batman figure and then I could play super hero games too ;-)

  2. I really love the way that you paint glass, it's just fantastic!

  3. Thanks for the compliments.
    I actually paint them the same way I paint gems. Start with black, then use 3 progressively lighter colors and highlight with pure white, finish with a high gloss varnish. It is a simple and quick method that gives nice results imo. That being said I'd really like to try my hand at painting them like this