Saturday, August 15, 2015

OMNI Corp Security

I originally meant to post these together with my new Rogue Planet terrain but when I started typing this post I suddenly felt they deserved a post of their own so here it goes. 

The mecha for this force were inspired by the New Caprice models from Heavy Gear.
I actually built these on a whim  about 2 years ago.  Even though I had great fun scratchbuilding / kitbashing them I didn't really have any idea what I was going to use them for so they've been sort of languishing in my display cabinet till now.
Now, having decided to pick up my VOTOMS / Blue Gender inspired solo campaign again, I decided to celebrate it by fleshing them out into a completely new faction.

For the infantry I went with these NAC troopers from Ground Zero Games. 
I wanted something that looked professional but not neccesarily military as these are supposed to be merely corperate security (no really, honest...)

As all the other factions have air transport I wanted some for these guys to.
Again I went looking for something that was just below military grade and since all my military forces have VTOLs I thought why not go with choppers ( not enough choppers in scifi imo.)
These are Pax Arcadia Cargo Choppers from Dark Realm Miniatures. 
They really are awesome little models and I am already looking for exuses to buy more of them. 

And to give them some protection 2 Pirahna Gunships  also from Dark Realm.

And again a picture of the whole force ( Yes people OMNI corp takes the protection of its assets seriously)

And so a new player has emerged in the struggle between the Seperatist and the Unity forces, If only we knew what they were up to.

Well thats it for now.
Next time, a tour of the strange alien jungle beyond the desert city's of the human settlers on the cut off planet of Kessel-D93.



  1. Looking great, can't wait to see them in action!

  2. Man, those 6mm figures look better than a lot of 15mm figures I've seen. Well done!