Monday, August 17, 2015

Kessel-D93 jungle survival 1 Oh 1

As this is going to be a sword and planet adventure I wanted something that looked alien but also something that would look like it could grow on an earth like planet.
As much as possible I tried to take my inspiration from the stranger things found in nature here on earth, you'd be surprised how many weird and wonderfully alien looking things grow here :-)

Pfc Buckley  will give you a tour of everything we know of the jungle on Kessel-D93

Here you see a selection of the various trees that are regularily encountered in the jungle
The plants on Kessel-D93 contain high levels of phycobilins in their chloroplasts giving them red, orange and yellow colors.
They were made from aquarium plants, floral wire, tooth picks, clump foliage and a number of different beads.

There is no real grass analogue on Kessel-D93 the closest thing is a sort of red moss witch can grow in huge patches, yet strangely never under any of the trees.

This is the first test piece for the hills I plan on building.
They are inspired by the devil's causeway in Ireland and are made up out of  hexagon shaped basalt columns formed by volcanic activity.
Construction was really simple I just hotglued different lengths of pencil cut offs to a base and filled up the interior with more hotglue and sand.

One of the really cool things in the Rogue Planet rules is the ability to attack your opponent with the local flora and fauna so I needed to build me some agressive plantlife.
I decided that my aggresive plants would mimic the other trees in the jungle as camouflage to lure their prey closer.

The first one here is known as the Hangman tree, I don't think this needs much of an explanation ;-)

The Spiker is another agressive species of carnivorous tree which hunts its victims by shooting them with its poisonous spines.

Apart from the dangerous plantlife there is also the locale wildlife to contend with

These are Drillworm  nests from Angel Barracks. I've had these in the painting cue for quite some time, I decided to move them up as they are just about perfect for something like this.

Of course AB's Razor hounds had to make an appearance to.

And, as on any planet, there's always the chance of encountering some wild space bugs ;-)
The small ones are from GZG the larger ones from Rebel minis

And here's how it all ties together

I'm thinking of building a few bigger stand of trees to fill up the board a little more to really get that dense jungle atmosphere. At the moment it feels more like the savannah, althoug that might be an interesting setting too , I'll have to think on that.... 

Thats all for now, I hope you enjoyed our little jaunt through the lovely forrests of Kessel-D93.
See you next time,


  1. Lovely stuff, just as I was thinking about making another terrain board, you come along planting ideas in my head..

    I look forward to seeing the rest of the jungle!

  2. Now that's a proper alien-scape. The hexagonal basalt hills are genius.

  3. Charming flora and fauna, lovely colours that really catch the eye, smashing stuff Stroezie, the whole board looks great :-)