Friday, August 28, 2015

Motivational post ;-))

Thought I'd post some pictures of what I'm working on at the moment and hopefully shame myself into finishing them before I start on anything else.

First up a new tree for my alien jungle. 
(idea stolen from some pictures I saw in Legion4's photobucket )

Made out of hotglue over a floralwire frame, I need to make at least 4 or 5 more of these on large bases surounded by a number of the previous plants to bulk out my jungle terrain and give more of a dense overgrown look to the board.

Next a "martian flier" inspired airship/skiff patrol craft, the main component is a milkcarton lid.( the figures are place holders, just to check how it looks)

All in all I'm pretty pleased with how this turmed out, I'm going to build at least 2 more of these and then start thinking about building something similar but 2 to 3 sizes larger.

And another project I just started, a junglecrawl tile set inspired by the old GW game Lost Patrol
Going to have to plant a lot of tiny trees ;-)

Some of the tiles feature natural hazards, like the two swamp tiles above, the next picture is an experiment to see if I could make something resembling a giant venus flytrap to put on some of the other hazard tiles. (more hazard ideas are always welcome)

I need to make enough of them to fill up a goodly portion of 2 tiles.

Thats it so far,
Stroezie out.
now...                        ....."GET TO THA CHOPPA!!!"

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