Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Cephalopod reinforcements

Well I do seem to be on a roll with my cephalopod forces.

I managed to finish three more troops and the three unarmed civilians/heavy weapons operators

And as usual I can't start any new force without building at least a few vehicles for it.
I decided to start out with two Tripods and one Handler, sadly I only remembered to take one picture during production so here you go

One tripod is armed with a heatray the other with the dreaded black smoke projector.

And here is the Handler also armed with a heatray

And one more picture of the whole force so far

So whats next, 

well I still have to think up some heavy weapons for my unarmed guys to operate and I'm planning some flying cephalopods and then I'd like to do somekind of general or king tipe figure so lots more to come.

Stay tuned,
Stroezie out.


  1. Great looking scratchbuilt-one-of-a-kind army!

  2. Very nice. I would love to see these put into production somewhere.

  3. WOW...I would buy this if it was in production. Insane.