Thursday, August 11, 2016

Alive! Alive I tell you! My creations are alive!

A quick update to share my new sculpts now that they've had a dash of paint

I als knocked together a tiny 1x1x1 cm gelatinous cube out of hotglue using DmScotty's method.
Got to keep them dungeon corridors clean don't you know ;-)

Various people have asked if I could do stirges, well this is about as small as I can get them so they’ll have to do for now.

And here they are with the other (Pocket Quest) swarms painted up.

The last sculpt I did is a Hook Horror, actually really pleased with how he came out😎 



  1. I love the color palette you've used on those. They are bright and attractive, and the contrast really makes their features jump out. What's that gold disk in the back of the crowd?

  2. Its a one euro coin, I put it in for size reference because some people were having difficulty grasping the scale of the minis.
    Thanks for commenting on the colors, I've tried to keep them as light and vibrant as possible but it's a real struggle for me and often my minis turn out darker than I want them to be and I have to redo the lighter colors.

  3. Looking properly monstrous :)

    Again, great work on these little fiends!