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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

More 6mm Fantasy Madness!

So after being well and truly bitten by the 6mm fantasy bug I found to my great dismay that there seems to be a frightning lack of 6mm dungeon monsters on the market.
There's only a handfull of companies making 6mm fantasy and while some of them have fairly extensive ranges most of it is your standard humanoid armies with the occasional riding beast thrown in.
Now there are some really nice beasties scattered throughout Microworlds ranges that I've got my eye on. And I really like, and have bought the whole small, Rapier Miniatures Greek myth line( more on that in a different post later).
But true dungeon crawl monsters like say carrion crawlers, beholders, rust monsters, etc. have so far eluded my search.

If I wanted monsters there was only one thing left for me to do...

Time to dig out the greenstuf and sculpting tools and start leafing through the old Monster Manual in search of critters that were within my sculpting powers ;-)

I started by making some armatures form sewing pins and started slapping on the greenstuf

The first mini I did was an Othyug

As you can see I forgot to add the third leg left off the third leg to avoid ip infringement lawsuits.

Next a Grell (easy Peasy, basically my 6mm Cephalod aliens but sans the eye and with a few tentacles more)

And then a Carrion crawler
This one came out a little different then I had first envisioned him but sometimes when I'm sculpting things just naturaly flow in a certain direction and I simply go with it. All in all I'm quite pleased with how it came out.

By this time I felt ready to tackle the beholder. Looking it up in my trusty Monster Manual I found that a beholder is a four foot sphere. So in 6mm scale that would be...   ... 4mm...    ...gulp.
Well I think I managed to pull it of, though I did cut back on the number of eyestalks as I felt it would be a bit to crowded.

The next three minis were an experiment in sculpting with a mixture of greenstuff and milliput which I had read about online and had been wanting to try out. I am almost ashamed to admit that I can't even remember what the benefits of this mixture were suposed to be but hey I knew it was possible so...

I give you the Purple Worm, Roper and the Rust Monster

There was something about that Rust Monster...
After staring long and hard at him I have decided to call him Bowser :-))

And here they are assembled ,based and ready to paint as I ponder which monsters to tackle next.

Suggestions, critiques and comments always welcome.