Monday, September 26, 2016

Red Martians Test

Basically what it says in the title.
I did a test piece to see if my idea of using Rapier miniatures Sea People as red martians for my 6mm Martian Empires project would work.

Its a very simple conversion, I snipped of their feathered headdress and slapped on a quick and dirty greenstuf helmet and then painted them like red martians, that's it.

Personally, I like them! What do you think?

Up close you can see how quick and dirty the helmets really are 

Oh well now that I know it works I may take a little more care with the following ones.

I've already ordered some more packs from Rapier's classical and chariot wars ranges which I think will work and I have bases coming in from Warbases so you can expect to see more pictures in the (hopefully) near future.


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