Monday, October 3, 2016

Another Martian Flyer.

While waiting for my Rapier miniatures "red martians" to arrive I decided to build myself another martian flyer.

In the Martian Empires rules there are two types of small martian flyers.
I had already made some scout flyers which are the smallest kind and have no onboard armament.
So now it was time to build the larger armed flyer.

Since I used a milk karton lid for the first kind of flyer I figured why not use another kind of lid for this build. I made the engines, control panel and fueltanks the same to tie the two kinds of flyers together.

But enough prattle on to the pictures

Together with the scout flyers

And some different angle shots for those of you who like to guess at the components used.

I'll even flip it over for you so you can look at it's belly button :-))

Thats it for now,
I'll post some more pictuses if I manage to put some paint on it later this week.


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