Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What have I been Up to?

Ok, so I'm still waiting for the rest of the miniatures to arrive before I can do any more work on my red martians but I did manage to do 3 hero/leader figures
I redid their weapons and added a cape and gold choker to two of them and thats about it.
The minis are all from Rapier miniatures 2 sea people and a greek hoplite.

I kept thinking the flyers would also be great for someting like Flash Gordon so I cooked up some figures to try it out

Hmm, I think I smell yet another project coming.... ;D ;)

Btw. here are a few pictures of the new flyers now that they have some paint on them

I've decided to build one more flyer of each type but with a few small changes so that I can try to cast them in resin ( this will be a first for me so we'll see how it goes)

And last but by no means least I've painted some figures sent to me by Chris Hudson from the exelent Dispatches from the front blog( do check him out if you havn't already, lots of great stuff there) Thanks Chris!!

That's it for now, hopefully my figures will show up soon and I'll have more to show you.

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