Thursday, March 2, 2017

How to Filch Some Feltz

as I showed you in my previous post over on The Wargames Website in the Sponsoring Members section we are having a build your own alien fauna competition.
Now while I am quite happy with how my own creature turned out, and I think he'll do well,I really liked Victoria Dickson's creatures the Feltz.
In fact I liked them so much I decided I had to have some for my own stables.
Without hesitation I called upon one of the more reputable interstellar smugglers amongst my contacts to fly to Dickson's world and get me my own little flock of the cute little blighters.

And here they are, still a little disoriented from space travel, but doing fine so far

For those of you wondering how I managed to pull this off I'll post some pictures with bare bones explanation but before you read on be sure to check out Victoria's original sculpts on her blog here as my sculpts are based on her creations and all credit for developing them goes to her.

So to start with I pulled out my trusty bead collection and used a 6mm and a 3mm bead, four hole punch plastic card rivets, a tooth pick and some super glue to knock together some quick and dirty armatures.

Then it was a simple matter of adding some 50/50 green stuff/milliput

And a little paint

And we can now welcome the Feltz to God's Own Scale.

Well that's it.
I hope you like them, and I hope you don't mind Victoria, they were just too cute I had to have some for myself( I'm a total sucker when it comes to cute animals, I have a dog and three cats to prove it 😉 )



  1. They are indeed very cute, somewhere between a tortoise, a chameleon and a bug.

  2. Those are great, and very true to the original :)

    I can see a bunch of scenarios where they might be useful!

    1. Thanks.
      Angel Barracks has more or less gotten the go from Victoria to produce the 6mm variants so in time you should be able to get your own set.