Thursday, September 28, 2017

Micromunda Wasn't Built In A Day...

...but the first stage is done anyway😎

I thought I'd share some more pictures with you so you can see/guess at, the materials before I blackbomb the lot.

First up the initial set of buildings and walkways

I also decided to spice up the buildings with some electrical wiring and some airfans.

These pilons are for when one walkway just isn't long enough.
I may end up putting some more greeblies on them as they are a bit plain looking atm. then again maybe not...   we'll see.

Next some of the more industrial looking bits.

A large storage tank/tower

which can split into two smaller ones

and as I was taking the pictures it suddenly occured to me that if you put the ring back on it could also function as a landing pad for "Get to da choppa" scenarios.

a small storage tank, probably for some kind of strange bio-agent or something

A water recycling plant

and last but not least a few more generic pieces

Now, if the weather holds, I should be able to prime these during the weekend and if all goes well get some paint on them by the end of next week.

I will also begin texturing one of the place mats/boards with magnetic paint to look like a concrete floor and start looking into ways to weather the other place mat into a less shiny/ slightly rusty version of itself. (any and all tips how to go about doing this are more than welcome)



  1. Cracking work on the tiny Necromunda terrain!

    I'm finding your assorted small scale gubbins really inspiring and I am contemplating having a bash at a similar project based on the goodies you've been showcasing.

    Have you magnetised the terrain?

    All the best!

    1. Thanks!
      Once you get the hang of it 6mm is actually quite fun to make terrain for as its small size allows you to go really big imo.

      All my terrain and miniatures for the last three years have been magnetised with magnetic paper, but then I get the stuff for free in square meter pieces as offcuts from my wife's job 😎

    2. I've been meaning to do some 6mm single based figures for a bit and did try using some small buttons for bases but I like your method of using small washers as it looks like it gives them some stability.

      I'll need to have a rummage and see what I can put together!

      All the best!

    3. Actually, I don't even use washers anymore. I got a one centimeter circular craft punch which I use to punch out bases out of magnetic paper and I glue the figures directly onto that. In 6mm every mm counts and your 1mm base is a 30 centimeter plinth for your figures to stand on. But of course ymmv.

  2. Progressing at an impressive pace, nice work!
    When it comes to the 6mm bases, Michael of Angel Barracks swears by tiddlywinks, seems to work out nicely for him!