Sunday, March 19, 2017

Because I can !

Sometimes I get an idea to build something, not because I need it for a game but just because I can.

So I built this today, say hello to my little retro scifi tank 😎

Sadly, as is often the case, I got so caught up building the thing, that I completely forgot to take pictures during construction.
To atone for my sins I'll try to give you a list of the components used.

5mm foamcore for the main hull.
The drives are a 6mm bead, a piece of tubing from a kids balloon and a .177 air rifle pellet.
The turret is a 10mm bead which has been ground down almost but not completely halfway and the barrel is the gas vent valve from a mini bic lighter.

All in all this was an easy and fun little project, I hope this will inspire you to try some scratch building yourself.

Also for those wondering, the minis in the pictures are GZG NAC troopers which I added a green stuff helmet crest and a cape to.

Hope you enjoyed my idle afternoon's labour as much as me 😉



  1. That's a wonderful scratchbuild tank!
    It looks perfect, exactly the right size and smooth retro finish.

    1. Thanks,I'm rather happy with how it turned out myself 😉
      I actually built a similar one in 15mm to,it has a bit more detail but not much.
      As you say, the smooth look fits the retro style.

  2. Cleaver use of some random bits. That tank looks great.