Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Powell's Rangers to the Rescue !!!

Howdy folks,

sorry it's been so long since my last post. 
What can I say, a busy time at work followed by me having trouble getting my hobby mojo back.
Rest assured though I'm back in full swing now (got tons of plans/projects) and regular postings should resume.

So what got me back in the saddle?
These guys from Onslaught Miniatures.

I present to you Powell's Rangers, shown here with their nano-flage set to parade colors.
They are an elite mercenary unit whose adventures will be the focus my next 6mm campaign.

As you can see all the figures were modified at least a little to make them fit my own universe some what better.
I started by removing the second rocket packs on the right shoulders of all the figures.
The pink rig got a weapons upgrade from the standard DEG gun to an autocannon as a squad support weapon.
The yellow rig got an electronic warfare suite added to her right shoulder.
And finaly the blue rig was fitted with a heavy missile pod and artillary cannon to provide long range fire support.

What will all this awesome firepower be use on you ask?

Well for starters...


Can you say Blue Gender

Also other enemy mecha both regular army and rival mercs for some roller scating VOTOMS action.
(Can never get enough of that😎)

And of course it wouldn't be scifi without some evil corporation with it's own private army now would it?

 I'll be using my usual mash-up of rules to allow for solo play, enoug grit to suit me and story developpement.

Considering my track record with doing AAR's ( ie. complete failure) I've decided I will aim low and settle for taking a few in game pictures and writing a short blurb on the overall action.
If I can manage to do a few of those I'll see about going more in depth.

Well that's it for now,



  1. Glad to see you back in technicolor glory :)

    Powell's rangers look grand, I might just have to make a few mods myself!
    Looking forward to seeing them stomp some bugs and smash some mechs!

    1. Thanks Alexander, it's good to be back!
      I can't recommend these figures enough, easy to convert, easy to paint and they look awesome. I'd love to see what you could cook up with them.

  2. Sort of adoring the power rangers colour scheme you have going. Looking forward to you doing more with these little guys :-)

    1. Thanks Ivan.
      I didn't intend to paint them this way at first but when I did the red one I had a moment there where I thought: "You know this reminds me of..." and before I knew it the rest got painted like they are.
      Sometimes you just got to follow where the brush leads you ;-)

  3. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure, but I look at these with a sense of fondness and nostalgia 😁.
    Hopefully we get to see a combined form soon.
    These bugs are amazing by the way.

  4. Hey wouter, I totally get what your saying about this being a bit of a guilty pleasure, but seeing as we're playing with little dolls anyway I think we can cut ourselves some slack. ;)
    Thanks for your comment about the bugs, I really like how they turned out( it's one of the reasons they tend to turn up in most of my games)