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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Pre-fab Military Outpost Walls.

Never one to pass up an idea worth stealing, I read Alexander Wasberg's latest post  (check it out over on his blog lasers and Broadswords) on his military outpost walls and thought to myself:

" I can do that me! "

So I started hunting through my mountains of accumulated junk euh... building materials, looking for something that would allow me to easily churn out different lengths of pre-fab walls.
Here's what I came up with.

Construction is very simple, a piece of giftcard sandwiched between two pieces of stapler nail strips.
The heads of the nails form a solid foot alowing the walls to stand on their own quite easily.
The single sections are 10 nails wide and the longer ones 20, 30 and 50.
Just count the number of nails you want, break two pieces off and superglue to the giftcard then cut away the exess.
These are 15mm high but you can get them in many different sizes, this will bear further investigation as I can already think of some other posible uses for them...

I also decided to add a ring to the top so the engineer mecha could more easily assemble them.
Now I just need to settle on a paint scheme (kinda leaning toward the bare metal look, just a quick wash and done)

All in all this has been a quick little project ( about 2 hours time so far) which has given me a bunch of very versatile terrain pieces so thanks again Alexander ;-))

Stroezie out.