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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Even More Space Hulk

Painted up some genestealer cultists

And I also finished the final two sister of battle figures, the captain and psycher (librarian analogue)

I ran into a little snag for the production of the tiles for the expantions.
Apparently I used up my last sheet of really fine needlework canvas to make the base set and the store where I bought it has gone belly up so I'll have to do some hunting around the internets for the correct size of granny grating.(any and all tips on this are welcome)


Saturday, December 24, 2016

More Space Hulk

It took me a while but thanks to HLS models 50% onslaught miniatures sale I finaly got my hands on some appropriate figures for this project.

I didn't manage to get all the figures I wanted but I'll be ordering the rest from Vanguard minis soon.

I decided to go with the sisterhood Athena power armored troops for my terminators

I converted one of the normal troopers to a chainfist armed one by adding the tip of an avian chainspear to her gauntled.
Still missing the captain and librarian analogue figures but I have found suitable figures in the sisterhood command pack which I'll be ordering soon.

The genestealers were a no brainer as onslaught has some exelent not-genestealers in their Legion prowlers.
The broodlord is a Legion Overseer. There are three variants of this figure, this one, one armed with two swords and one armed with some sort of bio cannon, I'll be painting these to and probably make up some extra rules for them to add a little variety.

I've also picked up some of their not-genestealer cult so yeah I'll probably end up doing the various space hulk expantions next.

Thats it for now and I'll leave you with a crappy picture of my new storage solution for this project


Oh ...     and...   ...  MERRY CHRISTMASS YALL !!!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Return to the Jungles of Kessel-D93

I needed a little bit of a break from my red martians so I decided to finally finish my alien jungle board.
I made four stands of alien foliage so I could change my alien savannah into more of a true jungle.

Here's the stands in my lightbox

And here they are on the board

With a bit of luck I should be getting a copy of Horizon Wars for christmass and then we'll be able to set this little scene in motion.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

More Movement On The Martian Front

Well, I guess it's been a bit longer than 2 weeks but anyhoo...
Finally managed to take some crappy smartphone pictures of my 2 latest red martian units
A unit of rifelmen

and some float platform artillary

I popped 2 stands into the lightbox in an attempt to get you a better look

Here's a shot of the red martian host so far

And now I'll leave you with a small preview of the last unit of red martians which I'll be doing for now...
the thoat cavalry

I still need to sculpt on all of the features but you can at least see the basic concept.

Btw. anybody have a good idea what to do with a dozen or so 6mm decapitated horse heads?  😈

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Soldurios Shout Out!

Ok people, this is something a bit different from my usual postings, I'd like to give a shout out to what I think is a fun little project that has the potential to be something awesome.

It's called Soldurios and its creator Lonnie Jones is tabletop gamer like you and me with a big vision and the sense to start small.
He is running a Kickstarter to fund the release and further developpement of a small set of 6mm miniatures that offer a glimpse of the different factions to come.

Here's a few pictures he's shared so far

The normal grunts

From left-to-right: ‘Mayanki; Generic Soldurian, Yakuzatek, Generic Soldurian, Generic Soldurian, Celtican, Generic Soldurian, Yakuzatek’.
And check out these bio/nano enhanced super soldiers

6mm Soldurios Nanotech Elite Fighters

I think you'll all agree with me that the detailing on these is superb.
There's loads more info, some background fluff and even talk of an accompanying rule set in the future on the kickstarter page and some more in depth discussion over on TWW Here.

So, if you like what you see, head on over to the kickstarter and help fund this project that, in my humble opinion, has the potential to grow into a grand 6mm space opera of, dare I say, epic proportions ;-)

Thanks for looking.


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Call Out The Guards!

And yet more red martian troops.
This time its two units of imperial guards,

  The melee unit armed with shield and spear

And a ranged unit armed with pavise and radium rifles

Here's a pic with the donor figure so you can all marvel at my converting skills ;-)

The left over pieces of the pikes were used to arm a unit of regular rifles,
hese's a sneek peek at that unit

More pics when they are decent and have some more paint on them.
Probably in a week or two as I'll be going camping with the kids next week so no painting then.


Tuesday, October 25, 2016

More Red Martians

I've finally managed to base all of my cephalods and I have started on my red martians.
All units are/will be based on  either 3x3 or 1.5 x3 cm 2mm thick MDF
Ok already! pictures or it didn't happen.
The Cephalods

The red martians

These are the first 2 units of swordsmen, they are a mixture of Rapier miniature codes SEA001, SEA002 and IND002.
I started with these as they didn't need much by way of conversions, just cut down the spears of the SEA002's and filed them flat and pointy so I could paint them as swords. I also filed down some of the feathered headdresses so I could paint them as helmets, all in all I'm quite happy with how they turned out.
Here's a piccie of everything so far

Thats it for now, if you liked this, stay tuned for more.
Next up will be a unit of Imperial guards armed with pole arms/spears (ASR001 no conversion), a unit of Imperial guards armed with rifles and pavises/shields (TRJ002 cut back the long spears and bent and filed them down to resemble a kind of musket) and a unit of regular riflemen(ASR001 and TRJ004 trimmed down and bent the bows to look like handguns or cut away the bows completely and rearmed with muskets made from the leftovers of the spears of TRJ002)
When these are finished I'm going to try to convert ASR005 Assyrian cavalry to Thoat mounted cavalry( oh boy, how do I keep getting myself into these things?)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

What have I been Up to?

Ok, so I'm still waiting for the rest of the miniatures to arrive before I can do any more work on my red martians but I did manage to do 3 hero/leader figures
I redid their weapons and added a cape and gold choker to two of them and thats about it.
The minis are all from Rapier miniatures 2 sea people and a greek hoplite.

I kept thinking the flyers would also be great for someting like Flash Gordon so I cooked up some figures to try it out

Hmm, I think I smell yet another project coming.... ;D ;)

Btw. here are a few pictures of the new flyers now that they have some paint on them

I've decided to build one more flyer of each type but with a few small changes so that I can try to cast them in resin ( this will be a first for me so we'll see how it goes)

And last but by no means least I've painted some figures sent to me by Chris Hudson from the exelent Dispatches from the front blog( do check him out if you havn't already, lots of great stuff there) Thanks Chris!!

That's it for now, hopefully my figures will show up soon and I'll have more to show you.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Another Martian Flyer.

While waiting for my Rapier miniatures "red martians" to arrive I decided to build myself another martian flyer.

In the Martian Empires rules there are two types of small martian flyers.
I had already made some scout flyers which are the smallest kind and have no onboard armament.
So now it was time to build the larger armed flyer.

Since I used a milk karton lid for the first kind of flyer I figured why not use another kind of lid for this build. I made the engines, control panel and fueltanks the same to tie the two kinds of flyers together.

But enough prattle on to the pictures

Together with the scout flyers

And some different angle shots for those of you who like to guess at the components used.

I'll even flip it over for you so you can look at it's belly button :-))

Thats it for now,
I'll post some more pictuses if I manage to put some paint on it later this week.


Monday, September 26, 2016

Red Martians Test

Basically what it says in the title.
I did a test piece to see if my idea of using Rapier miniatures Sea People as red martians for my 6mm Martian Empires project would work.

Its a very simple conversion, I snipped of their feathered headdress and slapped on a quick and dirty greenstuf helmet and then painted them like red martians, that's it.

Personally, I like them! What do you think?

Up close you can see how quick and dirty the helmets really are 

Oh well now that I know it works I may take a little more care with the following ones.

I've already ordered some more packs from Rapier's classical and chariot wars ranges which I think will work and I have bases coming in from Warbases so you can expect to see more pictures in the (hopefully) near future.


Sunday, September 4, 2016

Cephalod Invasion!!!

My Cephalod starter force for martian empires is finally finished!

All of these were sculpted and/or scratch built by me. For the past year I've been using these as dump sculpts meaning that I always have some dollies on my desk in various stages of being finished and then when I have some putty left over from sculpting other things I use it to work a little more on these. This way I don't burn out on making so many of the same sculpts and I also dont waste any green stuff, double win! ;-)

But enough chit chat, pics or it didn't happen!

I'll start with a picture of the whole force

 And now some close ups

The glorious leadership

The lowly grunts

A bunch of flyboys

The heatray artillary

The dreaded black smoke projectors

And a shot with a little bit of every thing for size/scale comparison

Ok, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :-))

Now I can get started on the Green Martians and who knows maybe next year I might be able to actually play my first game of 6mm Martian Empires.


Monday, August 29, 2016

Started painting Pocket Quest

Started painting my Pocket Quest miniatures. They are all from Perfect six miniatures and are great 6mm figures full of character and easy to paint.

lets start with the heroes shall we

And the first of the orcs

My pictures really don't do these figures any justice, the glare blots out a lot of the details but I only have my phone camera at the moment so they'll have to do.

I also managed to finish another Grell sculpt, this time it's a Grell mage with a dragon claw staff which came out a little bit larger than I intended but it still looks good imo.

That's it for now, more orcs, a troll, rock golem and maybe a few more new sculpts to follow soon (I hope)