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Monday, September 26, 2016

Red Martians Test

Basically what it says in the title.
I did a test piece to see if my idea of using Rapier miniatures Sea People as red martians for my 6mm Martian Empires project would work.

Its a very simple conversion, I snipped of their feathered headdress and slapped on a quick and dirty greenstuf helmet and then painted them like red martians, that's it.

Personally, I like them! What do you think?

Up close you can see how quick and dirty the helmets really are 

Oh well now that I know it works I may take a little more care with the following ones.

I've already ordered some more packs from Rapier's classical and chariot wars ranges which I think will work and I have bases coming in from Warbases so you can expect to see more pictures in the (hopefully) near future.


Sunday, September 4, 2016

Cephalod Invasion!!!

My Cephalod starter force for martian empires is finally finished!

All of these were sculpted and/or scratch built by me. For the past year I've been using these as dump sculpts meaning that I always have some dollies on my desk in various stages of being finished and then when I have some putty left over from sculpting other things I use it to work a little more on these. This way I don't burn out on making so many of the same sculpts and I also dont waste any green stuff, double win! ;-)

But enough chit chat, pics or it didn't happen!

I'll start with a picture of the whole force

 And now some close ups

The glorious leadership

The lowly grunts

A bunch of flyboys

The heatray artillary

The dreaded black smoke projectors

And a shot with a little bit of every thing for size/scale comparison

Ok, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do :-))

Now I can get started on the Green Martians and who knows maybe next year I might be able to actually play my first game of 6mm Martian Empires.