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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Some Wheels and Another Gang.

Only managed to get a little painting done over the weekend.

Decided to have a go at some of the cars, one of each model I've bought so far.

The first two are going to go with the Rainbow Mohawk Road Warriors gang.

Hmm.... in hindsight I'm going to have to put some mohawks on those two riders.

The third one belongs to the Walton gang.

From left to right, the twins Bubba, Ma Walton, Pa Walton, Billy-Bob the oldest son and the daughter Bobby-Jo.

I'm thinking of getting them an up armored tow-truck and basing them out of a junk yard/chop shop (Angel Barracks zippy couriers, supply dump, junkerheaps...)

Sorting through the rest of the figures I found two more candidates for the mohawk gang and five others which will become more or less normal wasteland travellers (truckers, bounty hunters, prospecters...) the rest will probably form a biker gang but we'll see that when I get to them.

The vehicle rules are 95% sure to be THW's Machinas with a few tweaks for open road/city traffic methinks.

For the investigations I'm still on the fence between THW Urban Renewal/NHC PI. and The Department Of Fabricant Management from Four Color Figures.

If any of you have any experience with any of these games your insights would be appreciated.

Till next time,


Thursday, January 12, 2017

Judges and Gangers! Oh My!

About a year ago I made some Judge Dredd minis out of the exelent GZG Nac troopers.

Here's a pic.

Why? Well...      .... euh..   ...just because I could actually 😛

I got the idea in my head, I had them lying around, so I decided to try making them, I did and then more or less forgot about them.

Untill I ran into Microworlds awesome Wasteland Warriors line and decided it was time to turn them into a full blown project.

I ordered a bunch of microworld figures, both gangers and vehicles and while I waited for them to arrive I finished the rest of my Judges and their rides.

From left to right Judge Dredd, Judge Barbara Hershey, Judge Cassandra Anderson and Judge Giant.

The bad guys arrived from HLS models in record time and I wasted no time basing and priming them. 

Here they are ready for paint.

I was a little bit worried because I'd read some comments that the Wasteland figures were a little on the large side for 6mm but, although some of them are indead quite large, all in all they turned out to be quite compatible imo. and I even have a picture to prove it to you

I've already painted a few of the more punk style warriors. 
They are great sculpts with lots of detail, altough I must admit they can be a bit intimidating to start on.

As I was painting them I suddenly remembered I had an Angel Barracks mini that was perfect for this project and here he is to. 

Hold it right there perp! 

That's all I've got painted for now.

I think I will use these for a test game of the TwoHourWargame Chain Reaction rules as I am thinking of getting the Urban Renewal, New hope City P.I. and Machinas rules to cobble something together that will let me capture the Judge Dredd Case Files feeling.

I will do my utmost best to give you an AAR of that but with my (non existent) AAR track record I ain't promising anything.😅

Stay safe citizens and remember OBEY THE LAW!