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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Just a Small Update

So despite being stoked to start playing Rangers of Shadow Deep and plans to do a D&D campaign using 15mm figures (I have about a 150 new  figs on the way and a bunch more in the lead pile) I found myself struggeling to pick up my brush and start paining again

I finally realised I just don't feel like painting a bunch of the same figures at a time, took me ages to get the spiders done, and so for the moment I've decided to just paint whatever figure most strikes my fancy instead of trying to do all the same of one type at once.

All this to say that,at least for now, the next few posts will likely just be random miniatures I've painted
Here are the first figures

A mind flayer, eagle, dwarf, minotaur and two elves. All from Ral Partha's Demonworld line save the eagle which came from my bits box.
The mind flayer's head and the minotaur's tail are greenstuff.

My home made spiders and stirge prototype next to another Demonworld knight for size reference

A close up of the stirge , I'll be looking to make about 10 of them.

Well that's it for now,