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Monday, December 23, 2019

Lets Do The Mash, Lets Do The Monster Mash!

Ok folks, last post of the year before the holiday madness begins.
Best make it a good'un then ๐Ÿ˜Ž ,


..."Out of the mists of Tรญr na nร“g strides Slaine MacRoth with his axe 'Brainbiter' in hand and his dwarf Ukko by his side."

Slรกine: "Announce me, dwarf."

Ukko: "Er... Slรกine Mac Roth... a bone-splitter, a reddener of swords, a pruner of limbs who delights in red-frothed, glorious carnage. No welcome visitor. Not a friendly face. Your lives would be prolonged for getting out of his way. Excellent with the axe and sword he is. Far from trifling the wounds he gives with his ungentle, woe-working weapons. Well damaged his enemies. Their tribes are full of vacancies. But I expect you know that yourselves now!"

Being slightly underwhelmed by the size of the Splintered light not-Slaine I decided to take matters into my own hands and convert a Ral Partha Thain barbarian into a more decently sized 15(18)mm Slaine.

I cut away his puny knife and green stuffed him a propper axe...

...and then gave him a fur cape.

And because you can't have a hero without some monsters for him to fight I also painted...

a cave bear from Northstar,

I am the carrion maker!

a Green Hag from Ral Partha

I can't waste time talking to you... I'll stop that mouth with steel!

some Owlbears from Splintered light

Kiss my axe!

some Splintered light Perytons

Flies will enter these wounds!

a bunch of goblins , the mounted ones are from Ral Partha, the one on foot is from Splintered light.

I am the reddener of armour! My axe shall leave a wake of death!  

two Splintered light chimeras

It's time I got more gore on my war weapon!

A pair (foursome?) of ettins from Splintered light.

Ha! Double the number of heads for me to pickle and show of to my friends!

A big purple people eater from Ral Partha

I am the CORPSE-SCORER!The axe river will flow — and you will drown in the wound sea!

And finally a lava demon also from Ral Partha.

I an Slaine MacRoth, my blood is white hot!

All in all I painted nearly a score of figures...
...and I did not think it to many ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

Cheers and happy holidays every body!!!

Saturday, December 7, 2019

Dungeons & Dra... erm.. Mushrooms.

So, what have I been up to lately?
Well, I decided to try my hand at making some modular dungeon and cavern tiles.
I've been playing a lot of  Rangers of Shadow Deep and D&D and I want to increase my indoor options.
Here's what I've got so far

I got the design from Wyloch's Armory , if you have not done so already, you should definately check out his youtube channel it's awesome!

The only change I made was to rescale them for 15mm and magnetise the bottoms so they don't slide around during play ( I have a white board as a playing surface )

I also painted some more dwarfs.
In my mind they are a cleric, a wizard and a fighter, although they could always end up being something else once they hit the table.
The campfire is a quick sculpt I did because I needed one in a game.

I hate to waste green stuff so I usually always have some press molds or dump sculpts so I can use up any leftovers.
These are the results of my latest batch of dump sculpts.

and a shot with the dwarves to give you an idea of their size.

Thats it for now.

So what's next?
Well, I've cut a small mountain of tiles to further expand my dungeons, 
have just recieved my kickstarter pledge  from Splintered Light and to top it all off, 
daughter number one has asked me to help her roll up a character for D&D. 
All in all, I should have plenty more to share with you soon. 


Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Over the Hills and Far Away...

I had a rather productive week, all the terrain on this board is newly built.

The rocks and hill were made from cork coasters, the bridge is made from coffee stirrers and the bushes are plastic aquarium plants.

I had enough cork coasters for three more hills so now I've finally got some elevated terrain for my games.

Next up is a summoner and his pet demon.
The wizard is a Demonworld figure and the demon is a 28mm Vor growler pup both from Ral Partha.
The braziers are demonworld demons with an upholstery nail glued on top and some green stuff flames. They are nice sculpts but a bit to static for my tastes, this seemed like a good way to still be able to use them.
I also finished the rest of the pillars which you can see in the background.

The rest is a rather mixed bunch as I've largely been paining which ever figure struck my fancy.
So, from left to right we've got, another dark knight, a jailor, my new more spell casting focused ranger, a dwarven man at arms and a dwarven crossbow man who appears to be a bit bugg eyed in this picture.

And, in preparation for Frostgrave 2e. some bronze statues.

Thats it for now.
Tomorrow I'm off to Spiel 2019 in Essen where I'll be spending the rest of the week in boardgame bliss so it may be a while longer till you hear from me again.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Do These Look Familiar ?

In Rangers of Shadow Deep: Temple of Madness there's rules for a more spell casting oriented ranger.
I really liked the idea but I kept thinking these characters should be able to take familiars instead of animal companions so I painted up these guys.
Now all I have to do is think up some stats for them.
They are all from Ral Partha's Demonworld line.

I also finished two more traditionnal looking rangers a cleric and an executionner, I don't know what I'm going to use him for yet, I just think he looks cool.

Besides painting I also managed to do some sculpting.
This one was a bit of an experiment. Its made completely out of plumbers putty. why?
Well, I have a tendancy to spend way to long trying to get some of the details just right when I'm sculpting, plumber's putty cures in 5 to 10 minutes so that forces me to work fast.
This stuff does not take detail as well as green stuff and I also didn't even know what it was going to be when I started sculpting so over all I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.
I imagine it as a cross between an armadillo and a shark (there's a d&d monster like that I think).
I may do a second one bursting up out of the ground , could be fun for a Ghost Archipelago scenario.

That's it for now, I hope you enjoyed it.


Sunday, September 22, 2019

Just An Other Boring Chest, Nothing to See Here...

Got some more sculpting done, finished the little chest and made a bigger one.

Treasure chests! Quick, check for traps...
And then just couldn't resist trying my hand at sculpting one of these...

Oh no! Too late...

This little Mimic was really fun to do. I think ,as I start doing other furniture, more of them may end up  sneaking in ๐Ÿ˜Ž ( isn't he adorable? )

I also painted these skeletal knights from Ral Partha's 1879 18mm VSF line.
Sadly my flash seems to have washed out the colors and depth a bit but you can still get an idea of what they look like.
I like their slightly more exotic look, makes them look like they are from some long lost civilisation imo.

Real life has been keeping me busy so that's all for now.


Friday, September 13, 2019

A Crate Full of Goblins?!?

I want to start expanding my dungeon scatter terrain so I decided to try my hand at crafting/ sculpting some crates and chests.
The big crates are just wooden blocks which I scored with a pin and then painted.
The smaller crate was a bit of an experiment, I tried to sculpt the sides seperately and then
assemble them once the had cured.
This turned out to be much to fiddely so the treasure chest got sculpted the traditional way, in one piece over a little armature.

As for painting miniatures , I finished the Goblin Rabble pack from Ral Partha's demonworld/ Blighthaven range.
Lovely figures to paint with lots of character, to bad these haven't made it to their singles collection yet as I'd love to get my hands on some more of the different poses.

I'm going to have to rummage through my lead pile and see which figures strike my fancy .
Also, having done the little treasure chest, I think I might try sculpting a mimic version of it to.


Tuesday, September 10, 2019

More Rangers of Shadow Deep With a Dash of D&D...

Its been a bit of a miscellaneous bunch of figures this week.

Two skellie archers to get them up to strength, a restless spirit, a champion of evil, a yuan-ti archer and I found the last of my survivors and gave him a quick paintjob to.

I also made some terrain: the pillars in the background

The skellies, knight and survivor are from Ral Partha and the spirit and snake woman are from Alternative Armies.

A couple of scenarios have a vulture as a kind of eye in the sky spy for the evil overlord.
I thought I'd try something a little different and sculpted this guy instead.
It's a D&D monster thats basically a giant eyeball with wings,big claws and a rat tail with a stinger that cries piosonous tears called an eyewing, 

Here he is "nekkid"

And with a little paint on him..

I've started experimenting on sculpting some crates and treasure chests and  have a group of demonworld goblins primed and ready for paint.

Also the tile these photo's were taken on is part of an old dungeon tile project which I'm looking to revive soon so, if you like what you see, stay tune for more.


New Splintered Light Miniatures Kickstarter

Just thought I'd give you all a head's up.
There's a new kickstarter from Splintered Light for a whole passel of new beastmen from Ben Siens.

Goatmen,lionmen,bearmen,tree creatures and a truely kickass Minotaur.
Some nice attainable stretch goals and a large tree creature/treant earlybird extra.
There's also deals for existing Ben Siens sculpts(orcs,goblins,dark elves...) and you can get them at a discount as add ons to your pledge.
just backed this myself, both for the new ones and to get my mits on some of the older stuff.
Some pics


Saturday, August 24, 2019

What's That Buzzing Sound ?

Like I said I seem to be on a roll.
Lets hope I keep on rolling.๐Ÿ˜Ž

Here are the survivors.
They are from Ral Partha, lovely models, so full of character.
I can see so many uses for them, survivors, angry villagers/lynch mob, down on their luck bandids...

"Don't you think all zombies kind of all look alike ?"
I was never a fan of the whole zombie trope and would have preferred to have swapped them out for maybe some kind of humanoid spider hybrid (in ROSD the giant spiders bite turns people into zombies) but well ... meh...
So I speed painted these, not the best paintjob ever, but for tabletop they'll do.

And of course all that rotting flesh starts attracting flies doesn't it!
Some cheap chinese plastic flies which I simply based and then could not resist touching up the badly painted eyes.

That's it for now.
Sculpting the five casualty markers is probably going to take me a bit longer, though I may cop out and just chop up some extra minis I have lying around and use those to make them instead.


Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Holidays are Over... Back to Work!!!

Now that the summer holidays are nearing the end I've finally got some hobby time again.
So how did I spend these precious moments? ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Well, I painted some Crom's Anvil tribal warriors to serve as leaders for my Copplestone Picts.
I will be using these in stead of the Gnolls some of the missions call for.

I also wanted some treasure/clue markers like the Frostgrave ones  from Northstar.
I couldn't really find anything that hit the mark in 15mm so I decided to sculpt some myself.

And, as I seemed to be on a roll, I decided to tackle the spider cocoons for the second part of the first mission too.

Next I think I'm going to try my hand at sculpting some casualty markers and I have based and basecoated the zombies and survivors so they are ready for painting to.

Things are finally moving again, hopefully I'll have more things so share with you soon.


Sunday, May 5, 2019

Weeds, Rats and Other Vermin.

I recieved a package from Alternative Armies with a number of the monsters I'll need for Rangers of Shadowdeep.
This being one of those rare weekends where I actually had a decent amount of free time I decided to start painting them immediately.
So here's what I managed to paint over the weekend.

First up some man eating plants called Klorzids from the Grinning Skull line.
They are a bit on the whimsical side with quit a heavy "little shop of horrors" vibe but seeing as I'm looking to play RoSD with my 10 year old daughter I think that's actually a good thing.

The next is Alternative Armies own sand worm which I decided to paint purple in honor of the classic D&D creature.

and lastly an other classic dungeon crawl staple, a horde of giant rats

I've also made a list of the terrain pieces I still need to make so hopefully I'll be able to share some of that with you in the near future.

That being said...   there was more in that package from Alternative Armies....   but I ain't tellin' yet, you'll have to wait and see..๐Ÿ˜œ


Thursday, May 2, 2019

Here Be Giants!

Well, I managed to paint 2 frost giants from Splintered Light Miniatures.
Shown here with some of my previously painted Demonworld elves for size reference.

And also some barbarian scouts who ran into a pict shaman raising some corpse worms.

The barbarians are also Demonworld, the big worm is Ral Partha, the larva are from Alternative Armies and the shaman from Crom's Anvil.

That's it for now, as for next time , we'll have to wait and see where the brush takes me...๐Ÿ˜Ž


Thursday, April 25, 2019

Just a Small Update

So despite being stoked to start playing Rangers of Shadow Deep and plans to do a D&D campaign using 15mm figures (I have about a 150 new  figs on the way and a bunch more in the lead pile) I found myself struggeling to pick up my brush and start paining again

I finally realised I just don't feel like painting a bunch of the same figures at a time, took me ages to get the spiders done, and so for the moment I've decided to just paint whatever figure most strikes my fancy instead of trying to do all the same of one type at once.

All this to say that,at least for now, the next few posts will likely just be random miniatures I've painted
Here are the first figures

A mind flayer, eagle, dwarf, minotaur and two elves. All from Ral Partha's Demonworld line save the eagle which came from my bits box.
The mind flayer's head and the minotaur's tail are greenstuff.

My home made spiders and stirge prototype next to another Demonworld knight for size reference

A close up of the stirge , I'll be looking to make about 10 of them.

Well that's it for now,