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Friday, September 13, 2019

A Crate Full of Goblins?!?

I want to start expanding my dungeon scatter terrain so I decided to try my hand at crafting/ sculpting some crates and chests.
The big crates are just wooden blocks which I scored with a pin and then painted.
The smaller crate was a bit of an experiment, I tried to sculpt the sides seperately and then
assemble them once the had cured.
This turned out to be much to fiddely so the treasure chest got sculpted the traditional way, in one piece over a little armature.

As for painting miniatures , I finished the Goblin Rabble pack from Ral Partha's demonworld/ Blighthaven range.
Lovely figures to paint with lots of character, to bad these haven't made it to their singles collection yet as I'd love to get my hands on some more of the different poses.

I'm going to have to rummage through my lead pile and see which figures strike my fancy .
Also, having done the little treasure chest, I think I might try sculpting a mimic version of it to.


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