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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

More Rangers of Shadow Deep With a Dash of D&D...

Its been a bit of a miscellaneous bunch of figures this week.

Two skellie archers to get them up to strength, a restless spirit, a champion of evil, a yuan-ti archer and I found the last of my survivors and gave him a quick paintjob to.

I also made some terrain: the pillars in the background

The skellies, knight and survivor are from Ral Partha and the spirit and snake woman are from Alternative Armies.

A couple of scenarios have a vulture as a kind of eye in the sky spy for the evil overlord.
I thought I'd try something a little different and sculpted this guy instead.
It's a D&D monster thats basically a giant eyeball with wings,big claws and a rat tail with a stinger that cries piosonous tears called an eyewing, 

Here he is "nekkid"

And with a little paint on him..

I've started experimenting on sculpting some crates and treasure chests and  have a group of demonworld goblins primed and ready for paint.

Also the tile these photo's were taken on is part of an old dungeon tile project which I'm looking to revive soon so, if you like what you see, stay tune for more.


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