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Monday, August 10, 2015

Alive and well

My appologies for the long silence on this blogg.
Once again real life got in the way of gaming as I we moved house and I had to concentrate on some 1:1 scale modelling instead of my prefered 1:300 scale ;-)
Now that most of the work is done and I once again have some free time I'm totally pumped up to start painting, building and playing games so I should be back to posting on a regular basis.

Ok enough drivelling, on to the (hopefully) interesting stuff.

Last year I painted these Dark Realm Kraytonians for  use with 5 Parsecs from Home

A troop of scouts and their officer

And a noble with two brute bodyguards (bodyguards are from Steelcrown productions)

As I really liked these figures I decided to round out the force so I can use them for my Gruntz games and maybe as a starting faction for my new project, a Sword and Planet game/setting using the exelent  Rogue Planet rules by Bombshell games.

First up some medium and heavy monitors. These are the heavyly armored line troops of the Kraytonian empire.

Next a small force of Torakk riders. These dragoons ride swift plains lizards and are armed with the more powerfull but heavy pulse rifle.

The Rakkat riders are the heavy cavalry, riding huge rock lizzards whose claws allow them to scale near vertical cliffs and tear through the heaviest armor.

And finally the  Elohe raiders, armed with the same heavy pulse rifle as the Torakk riders these swift raiders are the bane of enemy supply lines wreaking havoc in the enemy's rear and then quickly disappearing to strike somewhere else.

Here's a picture of the whole force so far

I'll probably paint some more figures to round out various units as I start statting them out for different game systems but I'm pretty happy with them so far. There's also some more different troop types which I'll be picking up at Crisis2015 later this year.

I've also painted some corperate security forces for my not-VOTOMs campaign but I have not had time to take any pictures of them yet. I'll add them next time when I post the first pics of the new alien planet terrain I've been working on.

Well that's it for now, 
hopefully I'll see you all a whole lot sooner than last time.



  1. Welcome back!

    I like the paint-jobs, really evocative!

  2. The riding beast markings are very cool (all of them). I'll be dealing with a move myself in the next few months, and I suspect my hobby time will suffer appropriately.

  3. These look smashing Stroezie, the whole army together work really nicely, very impressive :-)