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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Yasmina's Secret.

Surely such a mighty warrior as you need not fear a soft female such as me.
Why don't you join me on the pillows and perhaps we can find a more pleasurable way to settle our differences.

Then when our brave hero's back is turned...


When I first saw the Hatun Yasmina figure it immediately made me think of the 5e D&D artwork for the Lamia. I still had some lion miniatures sticking in the leadpile so I decided to order two Yasmina's and see if I couldn't make something happen.

The terrain was a test to see if I could make a set of tiles and scatter that better represents the kind of opulent palace that conan likes to sneak into in search of oppertunities😇

I had fun making them so you may expect to see more like these in the future.


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